Middle Way



Association of middle way centers - into, mission, goals

Guru Sergey Bugaev is the Head of Middle Way Association. He has been teaching since 1990. He has over 400 recorded and published lectures in the former USSR. He conducted over 4,000 individual sessions in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Scotland.

Middle Way Association is a community of practitioners actively engaged in Zen-Buddhist practice for the purpose of enlightment for all sentient beings.

Our Mission:

Middle Way Association is aimed to promote the study of Philosophy, History and Culture of Zen Buddhism in full respect to people who living in large metropolises and having societal responsibilities cannot fulfill their spiritual needs through the ascetic requirements of hermitic lifestyle.

Our mission is to make Zen Accessible. We will offer a place to learn and practice meditation for those interested in Zen Buddhism and Tantra practices.

We are aim to manifest quality of thought and stillness of being on the levels of matter, mind, and spirit.

Our goal is to educate men and women how to apply the principles and practices of good human relations, get along with others, communicate ideas effectively, make creative decisions, solve problems, gain the confidence to try new ideas, grow and extend.

We are planning to provide programs of character development and values-based leadership training; we offer people responsible fun and adventure; and we instill in people lifetime values and develop in them ethical character.

Group Meditation:


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