Middle Way


Why Guru-Yoga

If you are seeking spiritual knowledge - study some sort of a spiritual practice, and are interested in the questions of your internal, original and indestructible nature, then read on.

A person that walks separately, without anyone's support, reminds us of the lonely traveler who turns up in the middle of the ocean on a boat with no equipment and maps. He does not know how to get to shore. Maybe this traveler will find land somehow, but you cannot guarantee that he will get to where he wants to go. And most importantly, there is no assurance that he will ever reach land; he can endlessly sail the world and never get there. But a person who has been initiated and is helped by teachers resembles a sailor well-endowed with navigational equipment and maps. He can choose the shortest and safest route. Using the experience of others, he can find his way to any shore.

This is why, Guru-yoga is meant for those who need a guaranteed result. Following this practice, you will undoubtedly realize your true essence - internal, spontaneous, intuitive Wisdom, sparkling with Perfection.

Similarly, a person that practices using the system of methods is capable of, in the shortest and safest way, reaching any level of their personal development, as opposed to those who prefer acting independently. You cannot be sure that those people will never accomplish anything. Surely they can get some results, but there is no guarantee that they will reach higher levels of their practice. Their path will meander, like that of a loner in a shoreless ocean without any direction. So, a teacher is similar to a lighthouse, and if a person veers off somewhere in his practice, he can always find his way back. Even the methods that he practices (if actually carried out and regularly) will surely lead to a definite result. Like in sports, if a person regularly attends practice and does what the trainer says, he will definitely reach a certain result. Maybe, he will not become an Olympic gold-medallist, but nevertheless he will be successful anyway, as opposed to an amateur who risks breaking his neck or stretching a muscle.

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