Middle Way


Where and how to begin studying Zen-Buddhism and Tantra's practices

There are five types of practices in the Middle Way Teaching:

  1. Preliminary
  2. Auxiliary
  3. Fundamental
  4. Secret
  5. The highest

Preliminary practices

You can familiarize yourself with preliminary practices in our meditation centers. In addition, you will be given comments to Guru's texts and lectures.


If you wish to receive initiation into practice of concentration and meditation, - please visit a meditation center nearby and ask for a practitioner who has a right to transfer instructions or initiation.

The best for you is to visit Guru in Kharkov on any Sunday from 16.00 to the address of: Yesenin's street, 14, apt. 45 (a code 38)

There is a place for you to state for the night.

All lectures, conversations with Guru, His instructions and initiations to practice are free-of-charge, as well as a lodging for the night in the Center (except for joint charges on food).

To meet the alive Teacher in this life is always a rare opportunity!

Group Meditation:


1324 N. Poinsettia Pl. #102
Los Angeles, CA 90046