Middle Way


Welcome to Los Angeles Meditation Center official site!

Los Angeles Meditation Center was founded in 1996 and today we have 9 members.

We are practicing under the guidance of The Enlightened Master, Guru Sergey Bugaev

Los Angeles practitioners of the Middle Way Teaching conduct group meditations, translate Guru's Texts and lectures from Russian into English, and offer lectures and individual sessions for newcomers.

To become a member of Los Angeles meditation center you need to contact Guru Sergey Bugaev directly at sat.guru@usa.net and ask for initiation into practice. Remember: It is a rare opportunity to receive an initiation directly form the alive guru precisely the same way as previous generations of pupils were receiving it. As soon as you receive an initiation into practice, you are welcome to meditate with us.

Nobody can predict the further course of your training. The spiritual practice may become your way of life. If you are ready - go ahead.

Group Meditation:


1324 N. Poinsettia Pl. #102
Los Angeles, CA 90046