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The Warrior’s Path. Part 1- Text by Guru Sergey Bugaev

It is necessary to treat Texts as a personal meeting with the guru, and to remember how rare it is to find an authentic teacher in this age and time!

How these Texts can be used?

When during the process of practicing, you encounter an obstacle: with a calm mind randomly pick a phrase and study it carefully as a solution to your problem.

  1. Do not read books, meditate.
  2. Do not try to understand what is beyond the mind’s grasp.
  3. Do not use senseless actions as examples.
  4. A person always has a choice: consciousness and unconsciousness.
  5. There are two ways of living: consciousness and unconsciousness. Both are easy because they are both natural. The difficulty lies in the transition from one to the other. This transition is a path.
  6. Unconsciousness represents submission and weakness. Consciousness is godly and the path of a warrior.
  7. A warrior must have a foundation.
  8. In order to have a foundation, it is essential to be conscious, control, and direct.
  9. Be conscious with your whole being spirit. Control your mind. Direct your will.
  10. Do not reach for the obscure, instead take what is right in front of you.
  11. What is closest to you? Your body. Your desires. Your thoughts.
  12. Books, concentration, and lectures are all helpful for the most important task — becoming a warrior.
  13. There is no such thing as moving on a path of a warrior only sometimes. You either are, or you are not.
  14. Life is much more difficult for a person who realizes the weight of a ball and chain, yet who is unable to instantly free himself.
  15. Unconscious life expands karma, while consciousness shrinks it with every step.
  16. One’s path is similar to a wild mare that you boldly grip by the harness and never let go.
  17. How do you decipher between truth and lies?
    Truth is constant, everlasting, and unchanging.
    Lies are everything that is relative.
  18. A path has no beginning and no end.
  19. When you look back upon your past, you go backwards. Looking to the future, you rush ahead. A warrior focuses on the now.
  20. Now is constant, all else is not.
  21. There is but one law, harmony.
  22. Whilst finding balance, do not look for the opposite extremes.
  23. Distinguish between wants and needs. Wants are a result of ignorance; needs are genuine.
  24. Compassion and love are the embodiment of harmony.
  25. Mind, body, and feelings are all means. Their maladies result from ignorance.
  26. Both men and women ask about love. Love has two essential principles: gender instincts and a genuine attraction to someone’s soul. Do not confuse what to give your body and what to give your soul.
  27. Conflict and suffering come from ignorance. When you delve deeper, all makes sense.
  28. Ups and downs are inevitable. So is support.
  29. Do not look for enemies and bounds. There will be enough challenges anyway.
  30. Maintain all that comes from nature in perfect harmony.
  31. From dieting the soul benefits, but the body loses out. Find balance.
  32. Entrust yourself to an authentic teacher.
  33. What is good and evil?
    In the heavens there is no black and white.
  34. Do not await results. In time, you will develop the appropriate virtues.
  35. If you have desires, you must satisfy them. But if you are able to quash them at the moment of their inception, you achieve full control (Stop them as they get closer to you and you will gain control).
  36. Do not debate spiritual matters and do not look for God in others instead of endeavoring on your own searches.
  37. By explaining the Middle Way, understand it yourself.

    Guru Sergey Bugaev

    Address all your questions directly to the Guru: sat.guru@usa.net.

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