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How to Find a True Teacher

Look for an Authentic Teacher in authoritative traditions. An authoritative tradition is that, in which the knowledge is passed from one Perfectly Wise Guru to the next, and so on - without the break in the Teacher-disciple succession. Meaning, the tradition that consists of spiritual Teacher, each one of whom is an authority in questions of the spiritual practice.

Please, be very careful, when "recommendations" regarding practices are offered by the people not having due powers.

Meditation in " amateur groups " can be dangerous to your and your relatives' health and life! Not less dangerously when you independently study spiritual practices or Doctrines just reading books. It is not enough. Not knowing subtleties in practices, without a constant guidance from a skilled instructor, whose spiritual experience is confirmed on a maturity and stability by an authentic teacher in authoritative tradition, you may come to unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences. The aforesaid prevention concerns to all Ways and Teachings -- whatever you choose.

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