Middle Way


Who is Guru Sergey Bugaev

Guru Sergey Bugaev is the The First Patriarch of the Middle Way Teaching.

As Sergey Bugaev reached the Perennial Wisdom at the end of 80th years, he organized and headed Middle Way Teaching.

More than four thousand people have received initiations in various methods directly from the Guru. His spiritual force supports many people world wide.

His full name (a title in hierarchy of the Linage) is:


The Enlightened Master

Guru of the Teaching

The Founder and the Keeper of the Teaching

The One, Continuously abiding within the Flow of Intuitive Wisdom

The First Patriarch of the Middle Way

His Name in the Disciplehood:

Shri Tattrey Satsang Shri Nataraj Mahaswami Shivamrit

Guru spends many conversations individually or in small groups, giving instructions and initiations in unique and unpredictable Zen manner.

Group Meditation:


1324 N. Poinsettia Pl. #102
Los Angeles, CA 90046